Design & Trends - 13 July, 2014

The Social BBQ Experience: Well Done – Social Grill

Instead of one grill master responsible for preparing the food for everybody, the Social Grill offers a truly social BBQ experience. The elegant tabletop coal grill can be placed straight on an outdoor table, even on a white cloth. There is enough room for 6 people to use the Social Grill at the same time, making sure that no one is left out, and enabling everybody to prepare the food the way they prefer.

Design & Trends - 05 July, 2014

Quercus Desk Lamp by Max Ashford

Quercus is designed to be a sustainable stylish and functional desk lamp by Max Ashford. The lamp is made using sustainable techniques and materials.

Design & Trends - 01 July, 2014

Hoop Bluetooth Speaker for Lexon by Spalvieri / Del Ciotto

Hoop is a powerful and portable bluetooth speaker that comes from the idea of sharing your music on the move. Designed by Simone Spalvieri and Valentina Del Ciotto for Lexon.

Design & Trends - 01 July, 2014

Stock Coffee By Arhitektura Budjevac

Arhitektura Budjevac, an architectural design studio based in Serbia, had the task to create a fresh looking coffee shop, the first one of the future ‘Stock Coffee’ franchise. In order to transform a former retail space into a coffee shop, we had to remove all unnecessary elements of the interior, expose its concrete ceiling, walls, beams and columns.

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